Game Theory Might Be Cooler Than I Thought

Found over at The Quantitative Peace. Bruce Bueno de Mesquita explains how he purchases a car.

This is amazing. He already has multiple examples of it working as well. I’m imagining Bruce first deciding he wanted to employ game theory to buy a car, and the biggest issue that comes to mind is not a complete or incomplete information model. What strikes me first is he decided to be the guinea pig in this experiment; being first means the potential for immense embarrassment was there. Was Bruce that certain in being a god of game theory, or did he ever think,

“I’m about to look like the biggest douche-bag  or homo economicus. Homo economicus douche-baggicus?”

Lets not kid ourselves, you’re gonna come off as an asshole to get this done. It also made me wonder what other aspects of life has Bruce taking advantage of game theory. This led me to brainstorm every day actions where one could benefit from placing people into your model(with or without them knowing), where you set the parameters that is likely to poop out a favorable outcome for you. I’d be lying if I said that dealings with the opposite sex and game theory didn’t come to mind, but that was even before I saw this YouTube. This is what I’m assuming Bruce is doing. A man who just wrote a book letting us know just how rational it is to be a dictator. Bruce isn’t interested in morality, just getting stuff done! It makes you wonder how many people and institutions he’s game theory fucked over the years. He clearly has no qualms about abusing his power. Keep thinking Bruce doesn’t account for the baby’s tears as he rips the candy away from its tiny pathetic hands. One can can certainly make the case that game theory can be employed as modern day dark arts. The more I think on the subject, the less I start to understand it myself. My brain is actually starting to hurt. Is this why people people scoff at rational choice theorists but stay clear of naming Mesquita? I clearly don’t have the tools necessary to unravel god tier game theory. Mesquita is the king. Someone should make him do more videos like this or quarantine him before he games his way into a one world dictatorship.


2 comments on “Game Theory Might Be Cooler Than I Thought

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  2. Thank you for the post! This is a very good example on how to prepare for a negotiation, anticipate what the other party will say and execute a well thought strategy. I included a link on my blog.

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