“Vladimir Putin is talking about this all the time. Either he is strongly misguided or he’s looking for reasons to say nasty things”

Unlike Putin, Georgian President Mikheil Saakashvili, doesn’t need a reason to say nasty things. Our guy will let no opportunity to slander the Kremlin go by. If Mikheil has proven anything over the years, it’s that he’s a master at sick burns. This isn’t to say that the Putin and his cronies are undeserving of criticism or immediate Apollo Sandman removal from the world stage. What makes this particular case interesting, is Saakashvili’s super shady record when dealing with his own opposition.

From Human Rights Watch

In scenes not dissimilar from the Arab world in 2011, people in Georgia, Ukraine, and Kyrgyzstan took to the streets demanding fair elections and political reform. But the experience of the so-called color revolutions of 2003 to 2005 is a sobering reminder that popular uprisings do not automatically or necessarily lead to good human rights outcomes.

Now, I don’t believe Saakashvili will need anything close to an arab spring for his ousting. The Georgian people will flush this turgid turd soon enough. Maybe then they can get the reforms Sakaashvili skimped on – during his journey towards becoming the US water boy in Asia. All I’m saying is, next time Saakishvili decides to stick it to the bear, just meet two requirements:

Not be a difficult situation for press freedom.

Try not to be only partly free.

Until then, don’t worry about what Putin is saying all the time. Do like the rest of us, ignore it and check out his cool photo ops.

As far as Russia’s stance on Syria(mentioned in the interview) goes – lets see if another nation decides to take in the Circassian community that will almost certainly want to be repatriated to Moscow should intervention happen. This would be a major step towards changing Putin’s mind on Syria. His country’s currently dying population is xenophobic enough, do we really need them to give us another sad example? The Circassian issue is as good a reason as any for Russia to abstain. Putin isn’t afraid of intervention, R2P, R2D2, U2, MMORPG,  the fuck ever, providing the blueprint for replacing him. There isn’t a head of state out there not concerned about a popular rising in their own country. What’s happening in the Middle East in no way make’s China or Russia’s demise any more imminent. It’s a conflict of interests, plain and simple.


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