Oh, Greece, We Hardly Knew Ye


Peeped this over at Naked Keynes. A much needed look at some of the troubles facing Greece, from the Greeks themselves. What’s most interesting about it is the realization of how little we’ve actually heard from the people there. Reports have everyone in a government position running around like a chicken with their heads caught off, completely incapable of dealing with this level of brinkmanship. The people are considered to be pissy cry babies that aren’t willing to cooperate. They answer almost every call to sacrifice with Molotov cocktails. It’s all their doing and now they have the nerve to kick and punch as the EU forces the serum down their gullets. It’s a really easy way to look at it since it denies any complexity. This also happens to be the wrong and totally fucked up way to look at it. I’m guilty of sympathizing with that view too, but I was just trying to make Turkish friends


One comment on “Oh, Greece, We Hardly Knew Ye

  1. I’m really disturbed that coverage of the Greek economic crisis doesn’t have a ‘human’ side to it outside Greece. Here the second story (after the political economic debacle) is usually about the ‘new homeless,’ or the ‘new starving,’ or the children fainting from hunger in school, or whatever. Most people I know here have experienced some level of struggle, whether that’s having to give up the family car, or having to become vegetarian, or having to move in with their parents, or whatever. And yes, many are going hungry. Everyone can blame whomever they like, but I do have a hard time blaming the 6 month old homeless baby on our street.

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