13 Most Useless Majors (Just Ask The Daily Beast)

And The Cry Babies Who Love Them

Political Science is in there, but I really don’t care. From my experience with the comments section(lurking) it looks like other political scientists feel the same way. This didn’t stop dozens of other misguided souls from the twelve other majors,  from taking the bait and increasing The Daily Beast subscriber total by at least ten percent. I’m throwing that number out there, from my ass. My point is, I had a good time reading people come charging after this article out of some twisted sense of loyalty to anthropology. With their major on the line, nobody went too crazy, but here are some of the more interesting comments(I cut some of these off, possibly removing context, for the sake of teh funny:

This article is reporting numbers. Can’t deny that. Useless is one conclusion. Worthless, never.

-musician married to a history major : )


I suppose if money-making is your indicator of success, then so be it. In your world, there would be no music, no theater, no dance, no short stories and novels, no ballet. Everyone would be making big money and will have lost their soul and their vehicle for carrying history and culture to the subsequent generations. I would challenge anyone who calls my DMA in music pedagogy “useless” – I spend my days making music with children.



Let me remind you that the arts did not give rise to the economic chaos created during the Bush administration.



It doesn’t matter what you major in. My wife majored in psychology, she’s a cardiologist.



Hmm, I suppose Socrates, Plato, and Aristotle weren’t creative. Neither do I suppose Isaac Newton was creative.



Of course, a degree is only a piece of paper, the value we assign to it is entirely subjective


If journalism is so “useless,” then there’s no “use” for The Daily Beast, or the “useless” writer who wrote the article. My statement begs the question (a term learned in English class),


In the age of information, the cost of any college level curricula should be no more than a few hundred dollars per year. Anyone who possesses the intellectual level to actually perform real collegiate level work should understand this instinctively.


Gawker did this same exact thing a few weeks ago. (http://gawker.com/5899756/all-academic-fields-of-s…
Although they did it a bit more tongue and cheek. I will say the same thing I said there. This is a shitty baiting tactic to increase views and hits.


Pretty stupid survey with stereotypical results. The unemployment figures mirror recent national averages and belie the fact that Liberal Arts majors have sale able skills.


I mean…as an Econ major aspired to be a filmmaker, I will admit those majors are useless in terms of earning money or living a good quality of life


^ that.

I’ll stop here, but there’s still plenty to be had in the comments section.  I am in no way backing this article and its findings by making this post – – I actually disagree with it. This doesn’t stop the comments section from being a riot.




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