A bad enough dude.

This blog is tended to in my spare spare spare spare time with very little tender love and care. I’m a first year graduate student in International Relations (IM DONE!) and I use this blog as a tool to find my voice as a blogger*heavy ass eye-roll*. This is an identity separate from that of a scholar, which is what I am. A lowly one in the grand scheme of things. I’m trying to find the right mix between accessible and academically relevant. It’s really important to me that someone who usually doesn’t care about international politics can plop down, and read post after post, possibly enjoying themselves. That’s just about all I feel comfortable offering at this point. If I felt like this blog was special, I would have slapped my name on here somewhere.

On some posts, I’ll be on one. Others, stiff and technical as hell. I apologize for this dichotomy in advance.


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