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We don’t care about Jeremy Lin, it’s all Bulls here… Edition 80% of the coverage I’ve seen on Africa and cellphones were in The Economist. Finally someone else pays atttention. Good reading on Boko Haraam. Target knows when you’re knocked up. Because AI and TO own. How to make non toxic glass cleaner. Did this the other day.

Links(Super Bowl and “STOCKTON, HOMIE!” Edition)

On Saturday I have Nick Diaz and Werdum. On Sunday, Giants. The domestic violence and the super bowl myth. Former NBA Player Casey Jacobson’s Blog, where he explains just how weird Darko is. Why Grad students shouldn’t be themselves during Interviews. Good read, funny and depressing. Good read on some of the ridiculous things that can make its rounds in a black person’s(like myself) schooling or inbox. Real disturbing read on the crime rate within the prison population. Gates wants the GOP to chill out over Iran.

Links and Brew Check out this crazy earth shit happening in South Africa Could a balloon float in outer space? Simply having that sentence on my blog should get me 100 google hits a week for the rest of internets. I was told OWS changed public discourse about capitalism and socialism, but according to Pew? Nada. Finally, a post on white woman rage. More on Obama and Brewer. Don’t point fingers! UNICEF is asking for 1.28 billion. Make it happen. How twitter censorship is good for activists.